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Entradas com Etiqueta ‘The Australian’

Convenção Global Ateísta

Terça-feira, 16 de Março, 2010

Via Portal Ateu: aparentemente a Convenção Global Ateísta foi não só um sucesso (esgotou completamente) como um espectáculo. O post acima refere um artigo no The Australian que resume bem a convenção, e, mais importante, não faz juízos de valor, nem insulta os ateus, como certos outros jornais repugnantes fazem.

Algumas citações do artigo do The Australian:

Sobre a convenção:

“But what will you talk about – nothing?” someone had asked David Nicholls, president of the Atheist Foundation of Australia and co-convener of the conference. Far from it: most sessions ended before the audience was ready to let the speaker go.

Sobre o Islão:

The Bangladeshi writer and women’s rights activist, who was exiled from her homeland 14 years ago, then physically attacked in India when she sought refuge in Bengal, placed under house arrest and finally hounded out of there too, still has several fatwas hanging over her and a price on her head. India, the country that likes to think of itself as the largest democracy in the world, she pointed out, placed the religious rights of its Muslim minority above her freedom of expression.

She recalled her doubts about religion as a child, and how she troubled her mother with questions: why do we have to pray in Arabic – if God is omniscient, can’t he understand our prayers in Bengali?

She was six when her mother told her her tongue would fall off if she said anything against God. Already the empirical scientist (she is a doctor), she locked herself in the bathroom, said “God is a son of a bitch”, “God is a pig” and other choice Bengali epithets, and then waited in front of the mirror. After a few minutes, she knew that what her mother said wasn’t true.

She saw through the inconsistencies in the Koran, she said, the first time she read it, in translation in Bengali. “All religion, but particularly Islam, is for the interests and comfort of men,” she said, “Why would women believe in any religion?”

Sobre o absurdo de se achar que a Bíblia Cristã foi inspirada por um ser omnisciente:

Myers took issue with the notion of a good and all-knowing God, suggesting that if “God is so powerful he refuses to be bound by some arbitrary demand like he make a goddamn difference in the world”, couldn’t he have given us some useful suggestions at least? “Like `Wash your hands’? We waited till the 19th century for doctors to learn that. Instead we got in the Bible a detailed order to snip off the ends of our penises.”

Sobre a ideia de que crentes são mais morais, importam-se mais com o próximo, e fazem mais pelos pobres:

As for the more rigorous rules of the New Testament, such as the order that the rich give away their possessions to the poor, there are a lot of very rich Christians around who are clearly giving little thought to the future of their souls, he said. Americans who, according to polling, are far more religious than Europeans, don’t even approach the welfare measures largely secular Scandinavian societies take to protect the vulnerable in their society.

Singer also pointed out that three of the four great philanthropists of the 20th century were professed atheists: Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Andrew Carnegie. (The exception was Nelson D. Rockefeller, a Protestant.)

E, por último, sobre o financiamento da convenção:

Speaking of money, no tier of government funded the conference: the organisers and speakers worked gratis and depended on the charity of well-wishers for the unavoidable costs. Much was made of this by some speakers: the federal government gave $20 million towards the Catholic World Youth Day last year, and the Victorian government gave $4.5m towards the Parliament of World Religions – but in this supposedly secular society, requests for funding an atheist conference were turned down.

Esta última parte, já agora, é absolutamente revoltante: governos supostamente laicos usam milhões de dólares do dinheiro de contribuintes — independentemente da crença ou não-crença destes — para financiar eventos religiosos, mas não contribuem um cêntimo para um evento pró-racionalismo e pró-realidade. Não quero com isto dizer que o governo tivesse obrigação de financiar seja o que for, mas se o faz a uns, devia fazê-lo a todos…

Para terminar, Richard Dawkins sobre o Islão (para aqueles que dizem que ele só critica o Cristianismo):

As for dialogue with Islamists, he said it was “a remarkably effective tactic to say `If you try to argue against me, I’ll cut your head off’ “, but that the argument came from a position of intellectual weakness.

“I don’t think we should go out of our way to insult Islam because it doesn’t do any good to get your head cut off,” he continued. “But we should always say that I may refrain from publishing a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed, but it’s because I fear you. Don’t for one moment think it’s because I respect you.”

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